Geanette Floyd
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I'm Geanette Floyd


I offer personal worth consulting to entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.  I help heart centered professionals recognize their worth, feel confident about asking for money and setting appropriate pricing for their business/passion.

I am a former corporate sales “queen bee”, turned personal coach, yoga teacher and energy healing practitioner.  I believe our corporate landscape has created a culture of personal unworthiness, which can be overcome through recognizing key strengths, values and talents.

For years I worked long hours producing revenue and developing sales teams, thinking if I just pushed my team harder, made more sales, fired under-performers and changed sales strategies I would be recognized for my worth.  It took me twenty five years to realize my WORTH had to be something I valued more than what I was seeking from my employer.  

During my study of yoga and energy work I began to recognize that mindful practices like meditation, daily affirmations, gratitude journaling, yoga and like minded community helped me become stronger in my sales career.  With simple shifts I was able to feel confident in my own strengths and worthy of sharing my talents.

Essentially I learned that my personal worth comes from within.      

As a recovering corporate sales “queen bee” turned entrepreneur  I know how difficult it is to take the leap of faith to become your own boss, sell your own services or ask for that big raise or promotion.   I have experienced all these hurdles personally AND I want to help you create personal worth in your life.  

Are you ready to to take the leap to spread your wings of worthiness?  

I’m ready when you are…  

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