Geanette Floyd


Abundance or Fear?  

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a friend / person made a choice that felt like it was  based on fear?  I recently had this experience and it kind of triggered me.  

Let me get a little more clear.  I was planning an event and one of the attendees suggested we hold the event at a specific location, which happened to be a mutual friend’s business.   The reason was to be more convenient for some of the attendees geographically.  What transpired was a little surprising… the venue owner/friend communicated to the attendee that the space was not available unless I was willing to pay a percentage of my earnings for the event.  

As a business person… I totally get this mindset and the decision.  The way it transpired felt much different as you might imagine.  It was hard to swallow the fact that my friend / business owner didn’t reach out to me directly.  How would you feel in this situation?  In the end, we chose a different location, which was perfect.  Now that the experience has passed, I still wonder...what created that response?  

Have you experienced a fear response before? Maybe you were the one who expressed fear.  I have totally been there!  Either way, there is no judgement… my intention here is to open the dialog for supporting each other in a mutually abundant way.  How can we invite fear to take the back seat and abundance take the wheel?   

I’d love to hear your input.  How have you responded from a place of fear?  What would you do differently now?

Sascha CajandigComment