Geanette Floyd


Heart Centered Entrepreneurs


I love working with clients who are ready to structure pricing for their products and services. This is typically the point when they’ve reached a level of frustration because of giving away everything at a low cost or for free, or they begin to notice other businesses are charging more for a similar offering.

The people who get the most value out of this work are heart centered entrepreneurs who recognize it’s time to make a shift. My clients have a huge passion for what they do. Often this results in offering too many products and services, creating confusion or overwhelm. In some cases, the desire to “serve” kicks in and they give everything away for free. This is where resentment, judgment (aka: projecting resentment) creep in.

I am passionate about working with you, the heart centered entrepreneur. Why? Because I’ve been exactly where you are. I want to help you structure your pricing and create effective and natural scripts or talking points to hold yourself accountable to asking for money with confidence.

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