Geanette Floyd


Ready to Share YOUR Passion?


Do you have a dream, passion or vision that you are ready to share with the world around you?

You know! ...That thing that you’ve been envisioning for weeks, months or even years. What’s holding you back from taking the leap?

For most, even me, what gets in the way is fear.

What empowers fear? 
Negative self talk, listening to opinions of others, and the BIG one, lack of personal worth...not believing our “thing” will have an impact on the world.
I get it! I’ve been there and work daily to bring in courage to face these fears.
Follow your dream and take the next step!
I dare you… In fact, I’ll leap with you!
Are you ready? 
I’m ready to help you achieve abundance in your life.
“Evolve Your Personal Worth” 

A four week focused consulting opportunity where you’ll receive:

  • Weekly 1 on 1 guidance
  • Own your power with accountability milestones
  • Shift your perspective to strengthen courage
  • Daily mindfulness practices
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