Geanette Floyd


Shift Happens!


Tomorrow we move into the “new moon”, this particular moon is in Virgo - the Archetype of the “healer”.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve really been observing shifts that have come up for me since my decision to transition into self employment.  What has been coming up for me is the practice of listening, and not just “listening”,  listening without judgement.   

Why?  Anytime a shift happens in our lives, we begin the internal dialog of self judgement.  Sometimes this expands beyond self and on to others.  As I was reading about this new moon in Virgo*, I focused on the following “She allows things to fall where they may, and like leaves falling, she sees patterns and knows what she must keep and what she must shift.”  

When shift happens for you, do you recognize the times when it’s necessary to bring the focus back to YOU...or, honest question, have you observed yourself projecting these areas of shift on to others?  

As we begin to step into something new, really take ownership of what is coming up for YOU.  Are you feeling unworthy?  Are you feeling unsupported? Are you noticing old patterns floating to the surface?  Let’s talk about it all...  I would love to hear your experience.  Are you on the verge of leaping into your own business or already there and need some help with focus, worth and setting goals?   Send me a message or comment below, I’d love to hear your shift!

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