Geanette Floyd


What Are You Worth?

When someone asks about your services or products do you shy away from the conversation or minimize the value of your offering?  Don’t be shy, this happens to me and many others that I’ve spoken to.  We clam up, get nervous or insecure when we are on the stage, so to speak, about our “thing”.  Why?  In most cases this is simply due to not realizing our own true worthiness. If you get right down to it, you are your worst enemy when it comes to actualizing abundance in your business.  You may have people requesting your services all day long and somehow you end up offering everything for free or at a very low price point.  Why?  This one goes a little deeper. There may be self esteem shadows, blocks about money, old stories, you name it.  We all have that “chest of junk” locked away deep down inside that opens up to say hello at the exact time we are about to stand on our podium of success.   

Are you ready to unpack your “chest of junk”? Send me a message, let’s do it together. 

Sascha Cajandig