Geanette Floyd


What Is Your “Personal Worth”?

Have you been challenged with this question throughout your career?  As a corporate employee my entire working career, until now, the idea of personal worth often created anxiety for me.  The key aspects of our worth are often tied up in negotiating salaries, outlining your talents, competing for positions and seeking appreciation from others.  

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to step away from that environment, which requires a complete retraining of the brain, I am beginning to recognize my true talents again.  Early on in building my business and mapping out my offerings as a consultant I struggled with the idea of competitively pricing my offerings.  In that space I immediately realized I needed to shift my mindset.  Hence the question, what is your “personal worth”?  

Are you looking to take a leap from a corporate career to being your own boss?  If so, I’d love to help you map out your “personal worth”.  You too can have the tools to shift your mindset and experience greater “personal worth”.   Send me a message and let’s chat about your next steps…

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