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Feeling vs. Faking ~ Part 1

The feeling of worth starts with YOU.  In many ways we can try to fake it by wearing expensive clothes, demanding big titles or surrounding ourselves with mass amounts of people we call “friends” .  As you may know by now, these facades do not change how you really feel on the inside.  

When we really get honest with ourselves and start to realize we have been creating an image of worth is when the shift can begin.  Have you reached that point in your life?  Are you identifying areas where you shy away from asking for what you want or need?  

If this is you… I completely relate! You may be what?  

First step, let’s dig into the “why” of how you reached this place to begin with. I’ll share my experience, in hopes you’ll relate on some level.   

My “why” comes from getting caught up in needing to please others, primarily my employer.  I started my career in advertising sales and leadership very young.  My job was my University.  Because of that I believed moving up and moving quickly in my career was the way to establish personal worth and validation. I worked hard to gain promotions quickly and received kudos and awards often.  I was also paid extremely well and worked hard for that paycheck everyday.  

Fast forward to burn out… I crashed.  My body, health and mindset crumbled after driving myself to a breaking point.   During this phase of my career I began to feel into my own beliefs, you know...the voices in your head that say not so nice things.  The worst part, I began to believe the voices and show up on the job feeling worthless and small.  

When we show up in any experience feeling low and unworthy others lack confidence in our abilities.  I think the reason is pretty obvious….how can they be confident in us if we are not able to be confident for ourselves.   This my dear is where the vicious cycle begins.  Our negative beliefs about ourselves become a cancer and attach to everything we do and say.  

If you relate to what I just shared, you may be ready to step into the work to shift into true feelings of worth.  Let’s start with one simple exercise… set an intention to change your mindset around.  If you need some guidance on setting an intention you can download my free eBook here

In my opinion, setting an intention to change is the start to creating your best life. Once you can recognize the unworthy self talk, you can begin to change it.  

Let’s start with an exercise… grab a piece of paper, something you can burn later.  Write down all of the unworthy statements that come up in your subconscious thoughts.  This may become a list that you add to as you move through your day.  Go ahead, start writing!  Yes, write them down….

Once you’ve completed your list…. Come back to this point ------>

Now…. read each thing on your list one by one.  After each thing, say…. This is not true, I AM WORTHY.  Next, burn or shred your piece of paper.  Release!!  

For the upcoming week, keep a journal with you or use the notepad app in your smartphone.  Begin to notice when the feelings / voices of unworthy self talk come in and write down the experience you were in when the voice came up.  Example: I received a compliment from my boss.  

Awareness is the start to shift…. In my next blog I will guide you through the rest of this exercise. For now, what you have just completed is BIG...   

You are on the right track and are so, so worth it.  

Tell me about your experience with this process.  Comment below.

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