Geanette Floyd


Are you a winner?

Super Bowl Sunday was a big day for most people... 

While watching the last quarter of the game I watched as Tom Brady was sacked and the Eagles successfully turned over the game.  I observed the sidelines seeing the football star of today, mentioned earlier, with his head down, then a few moments later reviewing the next plays with his coach.  This got me really moments like this you have to fight to keep that winning mindset.  

This is where the real work is.  In order to truly embody worth, we have to put in a lot of work and some struggle to maintain our value.  Imagine for a moment that you are the football star of the day and you just experienced a turn over… how would you respond.  Do you beat yourself up over it; OR do you take a deep breath and keep your focus on the win?

When we learn to embody our worth, focusing on the win becomes second nature.  We begin to recognize that we truly deserve the win, regardless of the experience and the final result.  How we think is how we win.  In the end, you can still look back regardless of the outcome of the game, so to speak, and recognize yourself as worthy of being a winner.

Are there times when you struggle to maintain the winning mindset? 

AND Let's talk about the how you feel when you do win...  What was your experience or story?