Geanette Floyd

Services and Offerings


Services and offerings

Consulting heart centered entrepreneurs and corporate professionals in personal worth, sales messaging, goal setting and offer strategy. 

One on One Consulting

Are you ready to experience personal worth in your life?  If you're aspiring to grow personally and professionally and are feeling stuck, I would love to support you...

  • Recognize negative internal dialog or self doubt
  • Break through unworthiness blocks
  • Get crystal clear on your true value & worthiness
  • Establish confidence in your products and services
  • Create simple benefit statements to create ease and comfort around asking for money

One on one consulting packages are available in three, six and twelve month options.  Sessions are scheduled either weekly or twice a month.  We can coordinate monthly or pay in full programs that work for your current needs. 

Group Consulting 

Collectively establish worthiness within an interactive group environment.  Is our team struggling to sell and/or services products due to low morale or a change in corporate products or pricing?  Let's pull the team together and create synergy and collaboration.  

  • Group exercises to encourage and invite personal development and worth
  • Break through the blocks and stories that hold back growth
  • Establish agreement and vision statements
  • Create fun in the work space with catch phrases and one liners about products and services
  • Commit to accountability and follow through

Group consulting packages are determined based on specific needs, culture and outcome.  Set up a 30 minute phone consultation or in person meeting to explore your needs.

 Personal Worth Speaking ENGAGEMENTS and Workshops

Looking to add the topic of personal worth to your event schedule?  

Planning a retreat?  Let's create a workshop to invite guests to expand their personal worth and walk away with tools to create abundance and success in their lives. Set up a 30 minute phone consultation or in person meeting to explore your needs.